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PALERMO, dicember 18, 2014 – First Regional Conference of studies on dyslexia and teachers The method Crispiani

PALERMO, dicember 18, 2014 – First Regional Conference of studies on dyslexia and teachers The method Crispiani


Palermo – December 18, 2014. The Delegation of Sicily of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George hosted at the Constantinian church of Mary degli Agonizzanti in Monreale near Palermo the first regional conference of studies on “Dyslexia and teachers.”

The organization of such an important event in these our place that we always try to make more and more  accessible to all and for a good cause regardless of the original function of the structure, make us proud.

Today the new cultural challenge is to open to all cases of difficulty, to the special educational needs.

The large presence of the participants shows that a new culture is possible. Approach in many to a such  sensible question as dyslexia and other similar problems is especially important at a time when the city finds the strength and the will to encourage the institutions that, for their part, have the duty to collect emergencies that leave from below. Only with a collaborative relationship between citizens and institutions can begin a process of growth of consciousness and it is possible to fully understand the problems and then try to solve them.

According to the Delegate Prof. Di Janni “this link is essential in a modern society to the expectations of all.” Families, schools and citizens, they all need support, to feel part of a team game. No one is holding the truth and the institutions, when they are wrong, have the duty of self-criticism and to tell the truth.

The growth and development of our Sicily are directly proportional to the ability of citizens to urge the experts and institutions to implement the sentiment, the demands and expectations of the people

And not being  experts we think that the school that welcomes is once again called upon to replace indifference at all levels from the family to the institutions.

Once blind and  deaf people were penalized in the study. Then, little by little we managed to overcome the barriers. Today we see that finally the issue of diversity has been identified and there is a will to overcome it. The right to education must be protected as well as the centrality of the person.

School is becoming more and more  multi-ethnic and multi-cultural: if you do not accept the diversity the teacher’s work will become increasingly difficult.

The school, however, should not be left alone to carry out this task, we must involve the family individually or through organizations  and institutions.

Internationally  renowned professors  as Professor Piero Crispiani, professor of Didactics  and special Pedagogy at the University of Macerata and Professor Franco Biancardi, Professor of pedagogy at the  University Sister Orsola Benincasa of Naples. Moderator Dr. Philip Nobile, clinical  pedagogist.

The prestigious conference was organized by Professor Vincenzo Bussa, clinical pedagogist, esteemed theologian, Constantinian knight, regional representative  of UNIOPED.

At the end of the conference the Constantinia  Knights Antonio di Janni, Vincenzo Nuccio, and Salvatore Romano, have received a certificate of the Italian Pedagogists Union  for their hospitality and to have contributed to the success of the conference

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